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Hello to one and all. Just a Quite note: Not all my breeders/ Pets/Family memebers are listed quite yet my friends/ family mebers come 1st and yes I am talking about the rats and other critters. Also my sales page dose not have all avalible for sale. curently have some rats for adoption. My life revolves around my critters and everything I do I do it for them. So when I have a few minutes and they let me have some me time I work in my site. Also me and some of my Rodent Friends have started a club called Rat-taz-tic Rodent and Friends. (RRAF for short) there will be a website coming soon. You can join just buy calling and aswering some questions and will send you out a form to sign. ( call info is at end of page) We help all rodetns of all kinds weather it's a rescue and hold education events and more. We take donations to have these events and to help the club out. You can Also Donated to DLCR (me) weather it be food, toys, cages or what not and also to the club. I breed not for money but to better the Rodents as we know of today. All litters are planed. We also except donations for the Local SPCA and Childrens HOspotil they need help as well. Animals need new homes and Children love animals. Please consider Adoptining 1st to give a critter or 2 a safe loveing home. Or rescue one like I did my rat Garth (read his story) then look at a breeder to get a critter or 2. Give the outcast a chance as well as the pedigreed ones. rember a life time with out wagging tails and kisses and sweeks, meows, and hoof beat, plus more makes it a very lonly place. Well take care and God Bless.










Welcome to My Rat Pack

Welcome to My Rat pack. You may remember me from my Mousy M.O.B site, well this is the all rat one were you can find out about my rats when they are being breed when they have pups and all the other ratty infor I can give you. If I dont have what your looking for then cotact me and I'll see if I can direct you to a site that can or answer your question. As I have said before I'm a lover of all animals and am a new breeder of mice for about a year now. I'm not just a breeder who just breeds I love all my critters they are our childern and part of the family. If they can not breed becuase of age or anyother problems they are loved as not just pets but part of the FAMILY. Well let us begine the tour with The rats Shall we. I'll hand you over to Garth my Head rat The Head honcho, The Cheif, The Big Boss. The leader of the Pack, The Rat God Father.


Hello my name is Garth. Welcome to The Rat Pack. This site works just like The Mousy M.O.B site Click on the names of the rats and go to there page and check them out. but don't check out my girl Baton Rouge to much now. It's really Simple to do a peace of Cheese so to speek, hahaha. Attually for me it's cheese puffs or straberry fignutons. LOL.

The symblos work the same as the mice page. The Star Burst Means its part of the Rat pack. The Regular Stares Are The Rat Gang. The butterflys are just for decoratins for the girls. Some of the Pack and the Gang are Related to one another but for the most part are separet and I can breed offspring with one another, or having mating pares to sell or to keep. I at one time had them all star or burst color codinated but my colors are limited and I also changed a few around so insted of redoing the stars as in who's mated with who I will just write out a list. Some are still color cordinated some are not.


  Star Burst are 1st then the Regular star

The Stars and Burst are being redone. Some have been retired and some have passed on the rainbow brindge. Any Star with a Star Burst in the star means that they were either named after an old rat that passed on or a relation to one that has passed on. Then either a star or a burst will also be in or on the pic to let you know weather it is Pack or Gang. They are all the Rat Pack me and my other half refure to the the rats that are mine is the Star Burst meaing mine the Pack and and his are the stars the gang.

 Goal is to breed healthy pets NOT FEEDERS. To improve the beloved rat as we know it. This is more a Hobby then a bussiness. The only profit made from breeding mice or rats and other small critters basicly covers or can help cover their food, bedding, or show coverings depending on if you show, and the satifaction of happy Rats and Rat Owners. Hobby breeding dose not mean for fun it's considered a bussiness hobby. Meanig your not going to become rich like you would from a Computer or Resurant Bussiness. The Adoption fees only cover a small amont of what it coast to breed, keep them as in food, toys, vet and more. I do breed shows but I also breed mix matched colores/patches to see what I get as in uniquness. I breed for temper, health and all the above before I look at coat colors unless its aline I'm working on that is to improve the coat/color or show as in marks or Points on them. Yes there have been some trades on the rats as in a rat  we want for trade of one out of our litter(s) For exsample some one said they had a hampster cage and food still good from all the old hamsters they had that we traded for 2 mice. Or some one brings me a bag of Rat food as payment. Since that is were the profit goes anyway is twards them then that is considered payment.  Well enjoy your visit and dont for get to sign the Guestbook on the way out. We also take in unwanted Rodents like rats, mice, G- Pigs and others, to help them find a new home or they become part of our family. Pleas consider having them checked before we take them in.  If we cant at the time take them in we can help still find them a home or some one to foster. As we only have a holding kennel in our area I take it on my self to take in what I can to help find them homes as I run a small no profit rescue that I have started MY SELF, for rodents as not much is known about them at our local spca's or the one's around neighboring them. The proffit I make on the adoptions goes to them at ALL TIMES. Donations of any kind are welcome but also please consider adopting from the local shelters and responsible breeders. They also need loving homes, and donating to shelters, rescues and childdrens hospitols.

Now on to the rats. Listed is ones that are breeders, pets, and retired. The Retireds have their own content box. Pet will be on with retired. You can click on thier name to go to them to find out more as well. NOTE: Not all have links conected to each page I am working again on the site some of it if not alot is under construckion please bear with me as it takes a while to get all this done. Thanks

The Females or The Dames and Does 

the meaning of Does and Dames is easy. Does are ones that have not had babys or are not prego, meaning they can have a mate but have not breed yet. Dames mean the female is either prego, has been mated and has had babys before. basicly does are vergins and dames are one that have had babies. So after you have had a birth or mated them you have a dame. They while not being breed as in not prego can be called a doe which goes back to there not prego. This can get confusing but it's easy. You can also jsut say my dames are not prego now or they are does reawaitng another litter. I keep it simple and say I have does that have mating pares but no babys or my dames are going doe for a while. Dames that have or do have babys I call Dames due or Dames Nursing. calling them either does or dames is not wrong it means the same as in they are females, but it herlps identify weather they have had a litter or not.

The Females

TCK Mystical Spirit DLCR (Mystic) PEW or Albino (doe)

 MATE: River Of Deliverence (shares a page with her sister Rogue0


 DLCR Tripod- Black over capped (doe)


 Undecited (shares page with her siste Marvel, mom rogue and aunt Mystic)


DLCR The Pheonix Marvel Girl 1 (doe) Biege Berkshire Show

Mate: Mavrick (shares page with sister, aunt and mom)


 DLCR Speed Racer- Dark Agouti hood (off) (Doe) 

MATE: Spock (hairless hood) (share page with her mom fantasha)


DLCR Meat Loafs Midnight At The Lost and Found- Dumbo Black Berkshire 

MATE: Radar (himmie dumbo, has siamese, rex, velveteen, posibble dwarf, in line) (shares page with her mom Lunna and Sister Storm)


LF-DLCR Kagome TCK- Inky- Kagome Higurashi DLCR- Black Hood close/workable (Doe- Dwarf)

 she was original the critter keeprs but they moved and I took her back becuase they didn't have te room for all their rats. She didnt answer to inky so I recalled her kagome.

MATE: Zeus

Tiger Lilly( Rattatillie) DLCR- Miss marked Saimese (DWARF doe)

MATE: Super Nova (mismarked verigated siamese dumbo)


AQ Kira DLCR- Rex Bare back with Spot (Doe) possible dwarf in mix

MATE: Luke Skywalker (Double Rex/mockhairless/patch work HL)


AQ Reba DLCR- Rex caped Show (doe) very small and may have dwarf faintly in the mix but not shure.

MATE: Luky Skywalker

CMR Raquel DLCR Siamese (doe) (Himmie, hairless, dwarf Poly in line on father side.

MATE: Ghost Rider black berkshire (siamses in background)

CMR Shadow DLCR Himmie Dwarf (doe) (Himmie, hairless, dwarf Poly in line on father side.

MATE: Ghost Rider


CMR Zoey DLCR Dumbo siamese (doe) Dwarf (Himmie, hairless, dwarf Poly in line on father side.

MATE: Christian (double rex- himmie- has rex, hairless,dwarf in line- is her nephew doing line breed)





CMR Curley Sue DLCR Dumbo Rex Himalayan  Dwarf(Himmie, hairless, dwarf Poly in line on father side.

MATE: Shawn (Himmie rex dumbo- her nephew doing line breed)

CMR Whiskey DLCR (Doe) Agouti Self Poly(hopefully dwarf carrier maybe hairless) 


CMR Double Shot DLCR (Doe) Cinniman Berkshire Polydactyl (hopefully dwarf carrier  maybe hairless)

MATE: Luke SkyWalker


CMR Foxy Foxy DLCR (Doe) Fawn English Irish Polydactyl (poly/dwarf carrier hopefully maybe hairless)

MATE: Mr. Bogingels



CMR Elvira DLCR (Doe) Black  English Irish Dumbo (DWARF) (in line hopeflully she carries- himmie hairless dwarf poyl carrier.)

MATE: Bat Outt Hell ( Siamese Patched dumbo)

Akasha DLCR (doe) Black mereld or poor black Mismarked or poor opossum

MATE:  Gallexy (pew pink eyes white or albino dumbo- has siamses. himmie, verigated, berks, english, patched in background )

Akasha Now and Akasha at 5 weeks^ 

the next 2 are sisters they will share a page

RR Xena DLCR Blue Point Siamese (doe)

MATE: River Of Delivernce- Russin Blue berkshire (has possible dwarf in line as well as xena)

Gabrellia DLCR beige Berkshire blazed or wendge faces, MC free (doe)

MATE: River Of Deliverence

       2 months old (recent ones coming soon)








































                   RETIRED FEMALES

This is were all my females that are retired will be. And the one that are pets only weather then never breed were to old when take in or were as pets only for some other reason beign health or not, Or they were breed but didnt produce as in duds.

DLCR Tattoie(Rattatoie) Agouti Double Rex , patch work or mock hairless (Dame) possible dwarf in line very faint 


 (Will share page with her 2 Daughters That are not retired, and her sister Oreo)


DLCR Shina Twain (Oreo) TCK- DLCR Black Variegated blazed (Doe) MC free




 TCK ROGUE DLCR- Chocolate Berkshire ( Dame) Rogue will be sharing her page with her and gambit's daughters Marvel and Tripod.










 LF Fantasha DLCR- off Siamese (dame) possuble Dwarf in line (faint)










LF La-Lunna DLCR- Dumbo Siamese off (dame) possible dwarf in line








 DLCRLa-Lunnas Moon Storm-Black Variegated Dumbo Show (depends on clubs standards ( doe)

Retired (will Share page with Her doughters- Cresent, Roxy, Breeah and Lunner 








LF Sookie Stackhouse DLCR- Dumbo Blue Capped off (DWARF DOE) PET ONLY

Will share a page with her mom rom-ie and sister Kagome




LF Rom-ie DLCR- Bare back or off hood (dame)possible dwraf mix) 





 TCK Razzel Dazzle DLCR- Self Black Double Rex (Doe)


Glammer DLCR Mismasked Skyblue (some call it gray or power bue) (doe Dwarf) or poor opossum


    Glammmer 5 weeks                             Glammer Now









                    THE MALES

The Males or Bucks and Sires

Bucks are males that have not bred yet and Sires are ones that have breed and had litters. Ones that are steril are called Duds. Now calling them either or is not worng but this helps identify if they have had litters before or not.

Even though Garth is no longer with us his page and stroy will remain here forever.

 RIP Garth Brooks DLCR- Blue bare back with Strip Pet class (Sire)

MATE: Baton Rouge RIP


 Bat Outta Hell DLCR- Dumbo Faintly patched Siamese  (Buck)

MATE: Princess Laya and Elvira

He will share a page with any sons he has that stays but at the bottom will be his dad Meat Loaf who has crossed the rainbow Bridge.


  Luke Skywalker and Jar Jar Bink are brothrs they will share a page.

DLCR Luke Skywalker (Poor Double rex/ mock hairess or patch work hairless) not true hairless 

Mate: Reba, Double Shot, Ahura, Seaena

DLCR Jar Jar Binks (Poor Double Rex, mock hairless, patch work hairlss not a true hairless)

Mate: Raqueal, Kira,Caption Jane way, seaira

Tombstone DLCR (silvered Blue Agouti English Irish)

MATE: Shunner, Roxy

will share page with his sons, Carter, Eclips, Moon, and Rider


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                              How to get ahold of me (CONTACTIONG THE RAT PACK)

Hello, My real name is Bobbie Sue Peno. AKA Diamond an artist user name and nick name. Yes I breed rats FOR PETS ONLY I also rescued and foster but at this current time Unelss it is an Emergency I can not right now. I have rats I am pet sitting or caring for at the time and also i have babies that need new homes. I would rather wait so that way I can make shure any new rats will have comfy enough room and they must be vet checked before they come into my house. I dont want my rats and other pets getting sick. But for question on anything rat related or just to talk to a fellow rat lover then you can contat me at this e-mail illushionlust4ever(at) please remove the (at) I dont want spam. or call me at 1-814-975-1076 you can also come visit me and the rats any time or write to me by mail at 718 Rich Vally Road Emporium PA 15834.




Me and Tattioe will be waiting to hear from you and other Rats.


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