The Rat Pack at Diamond's Little Critters Ranch

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Ratatattoie Or Tattoie for short

Named after the moive Ratatattoie and called Tattoie from off Stare Wars. HUGE FAN!!! Any way this is Baton Rouge and Garth Brooks Baby Girl. She was Born On Febuary 14th 2009. Thats why she has a heart beackground.  On the 14th Baton has 7 babys. Which is my Lucky Number. What a way to say love better then the birth of little rats from 2 parents I love very much. As soon as I seen these little spots and the wierd hair coming in we fell in Ratty Love. We got Rat FEAVER you could say.  She is the Greatest little Rat she has her dads no fear of anything personality and wanting to be rigth there with you at all times like my 2 dogs do. Yet looks of her moms face and body struckter but I think she will maybe get a little bigger then her mom. But she has her moms advertrouse side as well as in out going were she is like a playful on the go puppy that loves to play and cuddle were garth is more like my chiauhauh as in loves to cuddle and loaf on the coutch and play as well like an older critters would. Tattoie and her mom are sorta like my ferrets bouncy in play. But she also has that pasiont side and calm side of both of them. Also She is reall warm and when on my neck sitting at times I get hot just from her body heat. She'd make a great Hot Watter Bottle but becuase of the lack of thin hair I would not want to hold her when I'm cold to give her a chill. Suprisinly she likes it cooler more so then warmer. but that also could be becuase she generates heat like they and hairless do to keep warm and like us we get hot and have to cool off from time to time.

Tattoie is a Double Rex. From what I understood Hair less have no hair or some  can have very faint peach fuzz. And either no wiskers or verty sort/ curled. Double Rex is ushally the resolt of breeding 2 rexes (wavey or curles coat like) together. This is what I have heard some say, But it can come for any coat verity depending on the back ground of the parents. A Double Rex is like a half hair hairless and half rex. Meaning the caot it very thin yet sorta wavy and changes from time ot time as the hairs only grow to a sertin length then breack and. Some spots will be thicker at times or the hole coat may seem that way and other almost seem bald all over or in spots. They also have curly whiskers.

This pictures below are of Tattoie from baby till now at 7 weeks old. Updates on this page as she gets bigger and old enough to have her own litter will be updated as often as I can. Tattie is the 1st one in the back. This is  when I started to notice color pigment in their skin hers was lighter and I just htought she was at fisrt goingot have a light patch coloring. Taj is her brother that I kept is the first one.


Tattoie is the fisrt one in the back row. These are the babys just startign 2 weeks. Their hair was coming in on all as in peach fuzz and she still had none at all. I first thougth she was either a hairless or their was some kinda problem.










Even though th picture says 2 weeks they were still 2 weeks they were heading more on to 3. But you can deffinetly tell the coat better now she is in the middle of th first row. Taj is the frist in the second row.





Now You cna really tell that coat coming in. It was think at fisrt and I thought that she was maybe a rex but then she got older and she started to thin out. But still ha the currly coat fuzz.





Tattoie is 4 weeks old in this picture and the one above.

Tattoie Know at 7 weeks old




Tattoie on my arm "hey you droped some food."







"can I come up and cuddle?!" we ushally all me the dogs, Jon along with Gartt and Taj her brother watch and episod of NYCS together. but I'm shure to make shure no hanky panky goes on.I have not seen signs of her being in heat yet but if and when he dose she would not be aroudn the males. Not for awhile till she getts much older.

 "I'm ready for my Clsoe Up Mommy!"



What a cute face!

 Tattoie is a a nibler and she is so gental. I still make home made rats milk as a trat once in a while and she trys to nurse it off my fingers. Infact our othr female rat Cheyenne who was the nanny Rat went in to serigent mothr hood while Baton had her babys.




Her right side has less marking then her left. But she's still gorges to me.

 Updates On Tattoie

It is July 31st 2009 and Tattoie will be next months 6 months old and A SOON TO BE MOM. we mated her when she was showing signs of being in heat with Yoda a Double Rex Black. She will be placed with him every day fro 2 wweks to inshure pregnecy. She is now 5 months old and Augest 15th she will be 6 months. Pictures of her at 5/6months age below.

Tattoie is has become such a little diva.She is Still a sweet heart as always. She is still an in your face rat watching and wanting to be with you at all times.


What a sweet heart. She loves to be with you and aroudn you. She is so interested in what you are doing she is a people rat. 











In your faceTattioe.

What a cuttie pie.

 Tattioe Ecnoring me warching TV

 Tattioe loves to hang out with us on the couch and ecnores us at times to attually watch the TV. I think she is trying to figer out what it is. Tattoie looks like she is trying to either blow her nose or pull her skin off lol.








Tattoie has tought me that Wrinkels are Beautiful. Look how cute. She is such a nice rat. I use her to teach others like children that its ok to me diffrent along with Sookie and Tripod weather medical or handicaped seen or not that its ok. Sookie has a twisted jaw that requires me to 1 a week trim her teeth, and tripod is of cousre 3 legged becuase of an acsodent after birth. Granted you may have to do some things diffrnetly to achive the same things as others but you can still do it. Tattioe is more for cancer pations and I hope that she will be able to be a spokes rat for that. To help the young kids see that their still them no matter what.



Tattoie with others She is so nice and sweet weather rat, humen or other. Blow is Tattioe with Kira, Cheyenne and Tattoies mom Baton below them.

Tattoie with some of the girls in their old cage. Bleow Tattoie in one of the nursing cages that they move to when a bit bigger with Rogue and Gambit babies along with Sookie during visiting time with my parents their grandparents.







More of Tattoie in the old cage trying to get out.   



Kira a rex, Mysic albino (debating weather to come out Tattoie not waiting and Muntaz a siamese in her own little world. BELOW: Mysic, Tattoie and Kira.




 Coast is clear lets move out!!!!!!










Mystic, Kira and Tattoie, pic beside Mystic and Kira, Tattoie on the door, Rogue Mysics sister eating Cheyenne and Baton still laying below.


 oooowwwweeeee sharp nailes oh they need trimed.



I kissed a Girl and I liked it! It seemed to fit the pictures and she is a girl and I like the song.









This is were you will find the development of Tattioes mother hood. She will share her page with all her little girls that are kept. The Daddy is non other then YODA my black self Double Rex from The Critter Keepers. Oh I'm so happy she is in the pic below a week or 2 or 3 days ready. I forgot to mark down the persice breeding date so I am off 2 or 3 days but she has been reallt mody lately which means its close to the time. BELOW: Tattoie with her big old belly. She looks about ready to pop.

PREGO IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! here are pics of Tattoie and her being prego leading up to the arivel of BABBIE!!!


BIG FAT AND PREGO. Even with a big belly she still looks so cute.

OK are they ever gonna come out????!!!!!! you try being pregnet and carring more then one at a time. Tattoie wanted to be with us at all times. Even when she went into delivery.she would pull my hand in so that I or Jon was there.

Tattoie, her mom Baton Rouge and nanny Cheyenne in the Welping cage. Small but enough room untill the babies get theor eyes open. My females seem to like the smaller places When they have babies.

Every one settled in pretty good Cheyenne looks like she is ready for serigent mother hood again. Baton and Tattoie settled in and Baton cleaned her and they seems like they were at home. Althugh Tattioe would still throw a fit I was not close to were she could see or hear me.







NOW COMES THE BABIES YIPPY! I finally got to see them born. But with tattoie wanting me around and my hand in the cage half the time it was hard to get pictures or for Jon to till she was done. Now that she is settled and more relaxed she is not so needy of us but she has her momemnts were she still makes a comotion and wants us around.

Tattoie was on all the babies and then tattoie got in the way of them.

Tattoie and her mom Baton Rouge. So that makes Baton a Grandma. She was so sweet with the babies and also became or went into serigent mother hood like cheyenne dose.

AAAAAAWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grandma and Grandbaby!


Tattoie had 11 babies But only 4 remain. This is her 1st litters and granted their were 2 other rats that were also perducing milk and have been with her in the welping cage for 2 weeks they may not like Tattoie have produced enough in time to help feed them all. Nothing was wrong with mom, cerigent mothers or babies and the vet is thinking that since nothing was wrong that this is a case of 1st time mother hood as in she did great but still lost them or that it was a fluke something that jsut happend.

On the Left is a baby with Dark Eye pigment meaning he or she will have dark eyes. On the right is one with no dark pigment were the eyes are at meaning he or she will have Red or Ruby eyes. Not shure if that goes for blue eyes becuase I never had a blue eyed rat or seen what one looks like as a baby. The light pigment one is still alive and survived. He is a male the other was a dumbo female that did not.


On the left them in a bunch on the right males on the left females on the right. Their were 4 dumbos in the litter but none made it. Whihc I was wishing for. But the ones that did make it Are wonderful and Just like Both Parents that capture your heart.

This is My sweet heart Luke SkyWalker who is only a day old next to him is what he looks like at 2 weeks old eyes open he has ruby eyes. He has his moms personality all the way. His father is a little more shy around new people but then become freindly like Tattoie but this guy is like Tattoie has to be right their. Now that he has his eys open that is. The fist day he watched me and was in the nest. The next day he came ceawling as fast as he could to the door with mom. Now when I go for the door just like mom he's right there. Sorry there are no pictures of them inbetween development like I planed but I was sick and did not want to handel the babies or mess with them to much. But now that me and Jon are feeling better and can handel them and with the help from a friend we got some pictures. Lets meat Luke Then his Sister Princes Laya that are staying and then the rest.

Luke Skywalker at 2 weeks old. He just loves attenchen and is the Spiting image of mom as in personality.

Luke is such a swwet heart and so is his sister on the right who is swwet like both parents but is the spiting image of her father as in color and personality. And as you can tell her brother is like mom cant miss a photo op.He's gonna be a stud for the camer or a ham just like moms a little diva.

Princes Laya is sweet just like her mom but more relaxed like her father Yoda. I named her after an old Dog that I had although in the move its spelled liea and is sometimes pernouced laya or liea. So I have a mouse I call liea and a rat now I call Laya. Both Parents have that I'm a star personality and very lovable but Yoda is a little shy at 1st till he gets to know you but not long after he warms up to you. Were Tattoie the mom is In your face to any and every one.

Laya in the middle A rat sandwhich if you will. Who says rats cant play monkey in the midle. to the right is padawan just chillen.


Padawan is very all over and loves to just go go go. She is a Berkshire with a white tip on her tail. She is so sweet but has the lets go like her mom and cuddleness of both parents.

Jubba the Ratt. Insted of htt. I was gonna call him Darth vader but I do have a mouse that hold that name vader the 2nd infact. Jubba is the biggest of them and the most outgoing. He is all over the placewanting to exsplore like him mom and dad are. but like tattoie he's on the lets go kick. But he stops every so often to give kisses on my hand. He is an English Irish.


What a little poser Jubba is he is so sweet. and this is him relaxing in my hand about to fall asleep on the right.

Now the rest all together. They are so cute and they crawl all over now. But if I just got my eyes open I would to.

All 4 cuddled together on the right Padwan decited that she was done taking pictures. lol

Feeding time. tattoie saying a quike hello before going back in to the babies.

Cheyenne Back in action of being Cerigent mother. While Tattoie and Grandma Baton take a breack Cheyenne fills in. Chyenne is 3 years old.

All The rats together. Grandma Baton, Mommy Tattoie, Aunt Cheyenne, who is not related but helped Baton raises Tattoie.