The Rat Pack at Diamond's Little Critters Ranch

Pet Rats

Mystical Spirit

This is Mystical Spirit. Mystic for short. She is An Albino. Her back ground for this page fits her to a T. 1 her mate is Goblin, her name fits his name in  a Holloween sorta naming thing. 2. for years in fairy tails, fantacey and mythologey their have been stories of Rats. Her coat is so white and bright as if it glows and her eyes when she looks at you as if they shine. It's almost as if she jumped out of the pages of a book. When she sits on your shoulder it's as if she is not there as in you don't feel her. Then when you look she is on your lap or on top of the computer looking at you as if she magical apeared out of no where. She is around her called the Unnoticed rat not that she dont get attenchen but becuase she makes no moise when moving around even when she has paper sheadings to nest make and play in and while out and playing. We got this little Beautey from The Critter Keepers along with her sister Rogue named after the X-men which is a Berkshire Coat. Her mom is a small albion named Ophilia and her father is a med size English Irish Coat who's name I cant remember. She is a Very playful rat she jumps and hopes around like my ferrets during play time and also getts along with them and my other animlas. But please NEVER leave animlas of a diffrent speices alone or keep perminetly together. For they could hurt or kill one another. I know my crittes very well and I ALWYS supervise them and IF something did happen with on of  my critters then it would be my fault. But just becuase mine all get along dose not mean your might. Rats are perffectly fine with just other rats. But please becuase I let all my critters interact dose not mean you should I do have certin ones that do not get along with one another. But if you do this and something bad happends then dont blam me I warned you. I have known my critters for years.

 What a sweet little rat. she loves to sit on the back of the chair or on a pillow on the coutch. She was the biggest in her litter or one of the biggest, but turned out to be the smallest.






 She is just so Photogenic. Just look at that face. she almost apears to be smiling for the camera. When ever I get the camera out she is like right there looking at us Like ok I'm ready. What a little ham. 

She watches just about every move we make and follows us. She has been down a couple of times and goes away form us a littel then quickly runs back. She not afraind of the dogs or cats being aroudn and infact plays with them, either that or they ecnore one another. But all my females including her seems to be more playful and bouncey like a ferret would be. Female rats tend to be moreoutgoing then males. They are still just as cuddley like the males. But females tend to be more adventrouse like us always on the go to get things done. Were the males do what they have to and are in for the rest of the day so to speack.

The best way to decrib for me the diffrence between males and females Rats that is that Females and males are playful like a ferret or puppy or kitten. And they are both as cuddle and loving but Males are more like play a little then lounge around. This dose not mean you will have a bounce all the time female and to just get males. For femlaes are just as nice and they will hang out with you on the couch or on your shoulder like a male would. Also males do have a habbit of marking their territory or if they liek something and if they pee on you this means they like you and you are theirs. Females have been know to do the same but less then males. But you can breack the habbit of getting peed on, by showing the male or female that if they have to go to go in the cage or litter pan and to show they like you or that their yors not pee on us but  that they use give nibbies and kisses. Rats are very smart. Some including me call them the dog of the Rodent world. Becuase they like a dog can be trained are just as smart as them even do tricks, and they love attenchen like dogs do. So if you have just one and can spend 24/7 with it great but they are socal liek dogs and having another rat of the same sex as a cage mate is best. Unless you are retired and have them with you at all times. Granted dogs are fine left alone for so long, but rats seem to get a littel more lonlyer then a dog dose. So if you have one rat please get them a conpanion you'll have a happer rat. We like comanion ship of our own kind and so do rats. young males and females are out going and love to play alot, after so long you will notic the males relaxed lazy temperment compared to the females bounceyness I say. But I do have a Dumbo rat who insted of being more female in play is more chilaxed like a male.

Mystic is young yet and very playful running around and playing. But she will eventually have a layed back more personality like the other females. As in playing but yet more adult. They are like children when young liek any young animlas or humen is they eat, play and sleep, and play and eat and all. Becuase all young kida nda childerne I know are always playing. And in some cases getting in to things. Also if you have rats down or lose or free range (you can look up info on free rant mice and rats) then like puppy proffing or child proofing your house is a must. Mystic is very cuddly yet still in her very playful stage Like Tattioe is. but all my critters including Mysic seem to think they are all humen. which is a great thing becuase that means that they are happy and love you. You want them to and consider them part of the family and if they act liek they are then you have a very happy loved Rat and or other pets.

Rouge's Page

 I named my Rat Rogue becuase she is a berkshire. Bershires have all white under belly with white paws and white behind the ears. They can be show or come in anycolor, but I have mostly seen them in this rich Chocholet or dark brown almost black color. Rogue is more of a Pet show class then show show. She has he white behind the ears that reminded me of the X-man cariter rogue with the white hair on her head. So that is how Rogue got her name. Granted I breed for PETS and I like color but I am breeding for the health, temperment and to make a better Pet rat or to inhance the Pet or fancey rat as we know it. She could be show in the pet class but with all my Rats and pets they are winners to me and Beautiful. I do like color and look for colors and coats of show typs but even and off coat or typ can make stars so to speak. I dont really lok for coat or typ but more for temperment health and personality. If they have a coat to go with it then great but if not that does not mean that their offspring can not and either way they will be a winner in my book. Also this pictuer of Rogue from X-men made me with the her hand is drawn sorta reminds me of a rats paw. Also for thouse of you who don't know to much about X-men or are not into it can see the white hair I'm talking baout.

Rogue From X-men Below is Rogue The Rat.

Rogue is very cuddley and playful but more shy then her sister. She would rather just have one on one time with us. She has more of a independend side. You could say her and her sister are as diffrent as nigh and day. Which is funny becuase her sister Mystic is white and she is a dark color. Both had the same mother Ophilia and same fathr which I keep forgetting his name. Unlike her sisiter as well she lets you know she is their she loves to be the center of attenchen adn is so inquizitive about everythign that goes on around her. She gets along with the other critters as well and like her sister either plays with them or they ecnore each other as in they are comfterable around one another. Her mate is going ot be a new rat that we are getting from some very lovely people who take very good loving care of their rats and has a personalty like her, Very outgoing yet cuddly and into what we are doing.

  Coming to inspect what we are doing. Below Just chillen on the back of the computer chair.








 Rogue watchen us. She has no fear what so ever and is so attentive about around her then anything. She is such a cuttie and so cuddly.

Rogue is now a mommy rat to 17 babys. Her Mate is Gambit. A over caped Varigated black on white. Babys were Born on 7/4/2009. My rats seem to like Holidays or close to. Mystic was put in with her to help her and become a serigent mother incase she needed help. Mystic and Goblin never took but there will be another time. Again I dont house my males with my females for 2 or 3 weeks I put them together for part of the day so when I reput the males together theri is no fights as in reastablising dominets. The females are not as bad but males that have been away for a while can be little brats.

 Rogue has 12 males and 5 females. All have been named after X-Men Caricters, Beside is Rogue and Gambit.










  Rogue With 17 babys and Sister Mystic in the way. 

Rogue and her and her sister with babys eyes open and eating solids.In bigger cage.

Mystic in birthing tank wanting out for some cuddles Babys are c