The Rat Pack at Diamond's Little Critters Ranch

Pet Rats

Meat Loaf

This is Meat Loaf named after the man himself MEAT LOAF The Singer. Meat loaf came to Me From the Critters Keepers Along with Goblin who were inteded for snake food. The Critter Keepers got them from the person who bought them as food, becuase they got to big for the smake to eat and she keep 2 Ophilla and Nicodemus and we got 2. Meat Loaf was the only Dumbo in the litter and I was excited becuase I love Dumbos. Plus he was gonna be Cheyennes mate but come to find out she is not to old but not fertile enought to have babys. Although she is an old girl now she still goes into serigent mother hood. So another friend gave me some rats becuase were she was moving could not have critters like that only fish there was what they call a siames Dumbo. So she becmae him mate which her name was LaLunna. Although considered Siames she looks more hymilayan. Out of her 15 babys came His first son I called Bat Outta Hell after one of my favorit songs. Along with his 2 doughters that was kept a himmie Uno becuase she only has one ear mom chewed it at birth, And Midnight at the lost and Found a Black Berkshire. But on to Meat Loaf Who is an English Irish. His mark is an off tryangel but close. With him being dark and breed to a siames or himialayn it makes their point darker. Althogh they are tempercher sensitive the colder the darker the points the warmer the lighter and more faded the points. We think at one time he was black and faded like some blacks do. Although True blacks get gray regualer blacks turn to a dark chocolate. When we fist got him he was scared to be handeled and come out of the cage. I would be to if was snake food at one time. I think he thought he was going to go back in with the snake. But after time her settled and relized that he was in a forever home that would love him and not use him as food. He also liked to nip so I had to curb that. He was basicly scared and did not nip hard and he onlt slightly dose it now but in play. He was more less acting out and protectiong him self becuase everything was new to him. Also him and Garht for a while did not get along but now are all happy together. Poor garth was only trying to play adn check him out but for a while it was jsut him and Goblin. Now every one is in what I call the Bachler pad Untill it's time to mate then they can visit the girls. lol.

What is an English Irish Coat? Basicly they are any color but have a spot on their chest in the shape of a trangel. Triagle tip points dow. Standered for the AFRMA are have a trangel points down of good size soild with not breacks or brinding. Triagel must not go down belly but ocupie the area between the front legs. Front feet white and back feet white. White on moth not shure of but most I have seen have it or slightly and with age becomes more apperent. Below is the English Irish Mark. Although one corner is a little off he could still show depending on the decription standered fro each club, or show event.

Meat loaf is such a sweety pie. He is so layed back now and plays with others as well as us. But when out he would rather just chill out and hang out with you. He ushally hanges out on the back of my computer chiar when he is out and I'm on hte computer or watching TV.





King of The computer chair.




  Sleeping on the computer chair












Up Close and personal With The MEAT










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