The Rat Pack at Diamond's Little Critters Ranch

Pet Rats

   Life is not tryed it is merly survived if your standing out side the Fire.                    

This is Garth My BIG Male or buck Rat. He was at one time was no where near the Fire, But his life was not tryed he merly surved and he is now standing outside the fire, and is finally were he is supose to be HOME. He is my 2nd rat I have had in a long time. My fist was a light cream colored named Sandy becuase she looked like the light color of sand on a beach. She lived for a bout a year untill she had gotten cancer.  I had gotten Garth from a pet store. He was named simond and was siad to come with tank, food, dish and water bottle with food. Although the food was almost gone and not at all full. Plus he was in a 10 gal. tank and scared half to death. HE was supose to be nice and friendly but was quite nasty twards the pet people. Sopsably a girl that was going off to college could not have him in the dorm and she had given him to the pet shop. I wish I could have gotten from them her number to call her and ask her more info on him. but as they always say we either can;t or have to many to keep track of. So if you see my site and you know this rat and he was yours at one time and or you knows who's he was plase contact me. HE would not come to the name simond for that was supose to be his name and he came to it.  or sampson whiach I figered was close nad they could have gotten confussed on the name,so I was thinking that was either not his name at all or that he was just to scared. But when I saw his blaze I though of Garth Brooks and the lower case g he uses.As soon as I said the Name Garth he came right out of his small tank and into my hands. Garth road the hole way home with me on my lap. And then after we got hom he got a bigger tank. But insted of 20 bucks I got everything for 10 becuase they just wanted to get ride of the rat that was nasty to them. As soon as they saw me reach in and get him they asked how I could do that. I simple replyed that if you knew what you were doing and relized he's not use to 20 thousand people looking at him aday plus all the noise of the other critters, Plus you attually knew how to handel a Rat and he since you didn't then he would have been nicer. either that or I jsut have a way with animals. Becuase the information I asked them about the care of rats they only new a little. If your gonna have a pet shop know about the animals you sell or give them a web site or number. And if you have helpers egducate them so they know or have them get some one that dose know. I think anyone that works at a pet store should at lest have some kind of animal knowlege. They dont have to have any college background but at lest know about certion pets or learn about them to answer comen questions like what food and bedding should they have and so forth. but enought about that. Garth is my buddy. There is or at lest to me something special about this big guy. He loves to hang out with me on the coutch watchign T.V and sit on my shoulder as I go around the house doing chorse and stuff.

As soon as I got Garth home I set up his new tank. About 5 min. later he was at home as you can tell. Theres are no clips on his tank and he can get out. He very rairly dose though. After a couple of days Garth started to get out while we were sleeping and come into the bed room becuase he was lonly and scared. who even had him before you can tell loved him very much and spent a lot of time with him. After about a good month he stopped doing that and once in a great while he ocasionlay dose it. I think it's for old times sake. ut I think he has learnt that he can get out when he wants to and he knows that every day he'll get out. Also it helps him to have a cage mate to play with.

 Garth was given a green wash rag for a blanket/ bedding. It became his sucurity till I got him a cage mate. He also liked the news paper I gave him and he shreeded it to make more of a nest or a bed to sleep.He also likes to keep a peace of food in bed with him.









Garth loves to eat he don't hog stuff down but he loves to nib pick threw out the day. He loves home made soup or home made rat soup. You can find it and more recipes on Rats 101.












To get other yummy recipes like my mom makes for us go to Rats 101 and check it out. It will be under Feeding Care.

 Garth and his wife or mate Baton Rouge

Garth and Baton made such a conection I decited to let them become a mating pare. Also I wantd both their beautiful hoods to combine and make cool looking babys. Their tempermenta are ideal for making wonderful gental outgoing and companion Pets. Outgoing means adveterouse as in active and not lazy and not willing to do anyhting. Both Garth and Baton are people freindly exspecialy Baton she has come such a long way and I'm very proud of her. She is still a little timid at times and shy around certion people if she has not seen them as much but she quikly more so then befor, she  warms up to them now . Insted of being hidden all the time she is out more and like Garth comes up to the top of the tank on her iglue house and lets me know she wants out.To look at any breeding info go to my breedeing statis to see whats up.

Garth Also get along with other Rats and other Critters

Garth's first Cage or tank mate was an Albino named Snow ball who I got from some one who attually knows what their doing with rats. He was healthy unshy and nice. He had bit of a nipping problem when near the cage if close but other then that he was a great Rat. With a little work he takes food from your hand easy and nippy threw the cage is a commen rat thing exspecialy when they smell food. But he is getting better. Constantine has since passed becuase he was at lest 2 but due to what was belived to be a tummer in his sinus cavitys and he deveopled an Inner ear problem. This is something he proably had before I or the other lady I got him from. It's belived he had a probelm but was taken care of but it was something that would when older redevelope. Basicly he had a tummer that was more then likely banine (nothing sirouse then) but deveopled over time. Granted he had his moments of being a brat and sometimes nippy, with Garth as a mentore He quikly picked up good manners.  I renamed him constantine after a romen Emporior who was recorded to have visions of the Sun God Apollo which fits my Mouse APOLLO. Plus I liked the Move Constantine. Garth when his women will have babys will be placesd or rehoused with the other males as in back to the bacholer pad. LOL.  Below are of Constandtine and Garth before the females and other males came along.


 Garth and Constantine relaxing in the tank. House was also on the TV and they enjoy watching TV.  and Animal Planet.LOL.

Checking out the suroundings and celaning time. they groom a lot have to look good for the lady I guess LOL.


Checking out the water together and shearing a dog biscet that you can't see. Pluse they love to play together.

One day while cleaning out or getting ready to clean out the cage My Cat decited to visit with Garht before I got Contantine. I had opened the lid and before I could get him out in Jumps my Cat DC. I think DC thougth that the lid was still on but he got a shock when he landed in the tank. But not to worry they are good friends and don't bother one another infact they gacve one anohter kisses.

Garth also gets along with my 2 Ferrets Kodoe and Roo. But they are never left alone together or unsupervised.

Garth is special to me becuase I consider him a rescue form the pet store. 9 times out of 10 no one would have taken him and he would have gone to the SPCA and form their if no fostering places were found he would have evntually been put down . Granted most shelters if not all try to find someone to take them or foster them and don't put unwanted pets down.  Basicly he would have just jumped from place to place and from foster home ot foster home with out ever being placed. This dose not mean I'm saying don't take your pet to a shelter, SPCA, or foster or rescue place for animals or the animlas that rescuse the typ og animal you cna longer care for. Thats what these places are desined and made for is to help you nad your pet our. It is very rare that unwanted pets get put down anymore. Grsantedsome shelters and so forth have said thaty are ntot a none kill shelter nad they only put them down under cecumstanses were it's critical and better for them. And then turn  around nad kill them anyway, but that is very rare to find anymore with the harsher and more controled laws issuied that not only we the cittizens/ breeders/ and the shelter people have to follow. But to me Garth is speacel not becuase no one wanted him but becuase to me is more like a humen then a rat. he is my best frined and buddy. He is part of the FAMILY. That is one thing even when he has passed on that will never change.

Garth has made a wonderful father as well. Him and his son Taj along with the other males are cage mates. But Taj is so much like his dad in looks (except for the white markings) and size right now becuase he is not fully grown. But it's like having a minni Garth around.

Like 2 peas in a far out pod. Garht likes to tast what ever Taj or the other rats are eating even if it's the same thing. They are so cute together. And love to cuddle and Play.


Taj and Daddy Garht when Taj was about 3 months old.