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Breeding Info and New Arivels Page

  • This page containes a list of what is on this page. Sales are on a diffrent page. Updates will be made as offten as I can. This page states who is being bred, undates on how they are, when the arives are, proper sexing, when they are old enough. Thats when they will go on to the sales page. This page has been redone.
  • Who's Being Breed
  • When They are born and how many
  • Updates on them till they go on the Adoption page
  • Colors and sexing
  • Sexing again at 3 weeks old
  • Follow ups on sold ones which then you can go to new homes page.
  • Future breeding info


  • We will be parring up some rattys to breed before they get to old so they can at lest have thier 1st litters and I am way behind since knee surgery so there will be alot. I am only exsecting maybe 2 to 5 to have litters becuase they could beinfact to old to produce as in still young them selves but went into ratty menipause. Although that is ok they are pets and family members 1st. But they do have younger relitives and such that I can breed to pass on their line. so here is who is up to breed. On some I am not sure of the dates as in when I will breed them but it will be soon but I will list who is up to breed and what I am exspecting and taking orders on them so if you want I can send out an adoption contract to you to fill out and put you on a wating list of which litter or a list till for what you want, If at any time I dont have what you want or do not work with it I would me more then happy to point you to some one who can or might be able to help you or know.

  • 9/10/2010 Tattieo and Double shot were placed with Luke skywalker. Luke is the son of Tattioe and we are doinng a line breed. In hopes there could be a dumbo in there to, some self blacks as his father was self black and his grandfather was a beige dumbo mother a self black. But for them its not about the coat or the color its to keep the line going and to produce nice squoishy rats like them. Tattioe is a patched agouti double rex very poor or mock/ptachwork hairless so they will look like double rexes when young but turn out almost or to look like hairless. Luke is a beige like mom who has very dark ruby eyes they apear black but in the right light are not. Double shot is a Cinnimon Agouti Polly meaning she has extra toes. there could be one that has the extra toes but that gene is very recesive so dont know but there is black in her side as well as agouti and she turned out cinnimon. so hoping for maybe that. She was the only one out of her litter that is what my breeder friend called a fluck color or pop up color. She apeared to be poor agouti but was to light and is a cinnimond agouti as my friend calls it or infact could be a very poor agouti but all things lead twards agouti. This is in hopes if the same not going for color but temper.
  • The Rest of the line up.....


  • DLCR Meat loaf's Fallen Angel - (pew) dumbo male - RR Tera DLCR - Black caped with blaze or split strip dumbo female- Place together not for color but temper and to make dumbos. Hopeing for some med to large siz ratty . But trying for dumbos and temper.
  • DLCR La-Lunna's Gallexy - (pew) Dumbo male- (brother to angel) - RR Akasha DLCR - Black Verigated masked poor  Dumbo Female - Place together for dumbos and in hoped to get some pretty marked babys like her. Looking for med to large rattys that are well tempered and squishy.
  • RR Bill Copton - Russin Blue silvered (as in has silvered tips) Dumbo male - RR Shanidoea - Rex (pew) standard female, Shanidoes mom was a black verigated dumbo. We are looking to use her to help make some rexes and maybe get some blues and dumbos that are rexs since we dont have a blue rex, or blue dumbo rexes. Most of the family was pews and verigated. Bills side was blues and blue agouit or rusin blue agoutis that ocasinaly poped up. We are going for the rex dumbos here and hoping there will be some lighter blues, or more silvered blues.
  • RR Zues Black hood male standard - DLCR Kagome - Black hood and KPS Rain - Russin Blue Hood Females standard - In hopes to bring out better hoods as all have hoods that are not as stright but go all the way down. there are no breacks or anything going in them. So we are hoping for some really nice hoods. there is on the dads side dumbos as his brother is a dumbo blue agouti as his mom was and on the femals side thre is blue point and regualer siames, bearbacks and dumbos. We are not going for color persay but as in apearence of the hood yes and temper.
  • CMR Radar DLCR - Himmie dumbo male - DLCR Meat Loaf's Midnght At the Lost and Found - Black Berkshire Dumbo, With Radar and midngiht we are hoping for himmie and siamese since his side there are both. He is smoth coat were as his mom was veveteen breed to a hairless and there were rexes that were produced. but there were rexes in the line on his father side. So we are hoping for some rexs or velveteens to pop up and some nice himmie siamese since on midngihts side her grandfather was a blue point and mom was a siamese. With laya we are hoping to bring out some hairless himmie/siamses and to get the rex/himmie/siamese started becuase she is the daoughter to Tattioe, and I would like to have that in the line.
  • DLCR Artex - (pew) dumbo small boy DLCR Tripod - Black capped. This breeding is to make nice squishy well tempered babies that will proably range form small to med sized. tripod only has 3 legs she was not born with it but about a week old a peace of hair got rapped around it so a vet trip and 3 days later her leg fell off and suprisinly healed nicly. the vet didn't want to have to amputste so young and siad that with it cleaned every day and all that momma would more then licky chew it off and keep it cleaned and rats are very well at healing and so quickly that she should do fine but if it go red and infected to bring her in for amputation. But all went well. WE are not posotive we will breed her with only haveing 3 legs I think she will do fine during delverly becuase she dose fine now as if she dont relized she only has 3 she keeps up with the others. But my other half feels she may have a problem but I dont think she will. If she is breed its to have sweet squishy babies, hoping for some dumbos and some nice capped but there is rex in the line her uncle was rex and her 2 aunts that are here are rex. Her mom never had any rexes and her dad granted was smoth coat his brother, and 2 sisters were rexs and his dad was a rex. SO hoping for that but if not then they will be squishy non the less.
  • RR Hercules - Blue Agouit bear back with mark (brother to Zues) Dumbo male - DLCR Emperise Standard agouti berkshire and DLCR Speed Racer Agouti Hood standard female. Speed racers hood had a breack in it but maybe since there is hood in the back ground on the males side it may help it but would like to get some nicer hoods in both blue agouti or agouti and useing a bearkshire like Emperess to get some blue agoutis and maybe help the hood line since there is hoods in emeresses line as well. Her sister is Kagome. and speed racer is her cousint. But mostly for the agouti and blue agouti in color.
  • ALFA Shazam - Poor blue mereld dalmation Standard - BR Peek A Boo - Black dalmation poor females standard we are hoping to make some more spotted beauties and some nice small to med rats. They are both frendly and nice squishy rats. I am not caring what color they produce together as the dad to shazam is a agouti mereled odd eye that is also dalmation poor but has produced only a few spoted and the same on boos side. But there is himmie that also is in the line on shazamaz side.
  • CMR Billy DLCR - Rex himmie standard - DLCR Padawan - Black berkshire DR/mock hairless PWH (daughter to Tattoie) TCK Razzel Dazzle DLCR - Black self DR/MH/PWH standard. In hopes that there are some rex or velveteen that show since his mom was a veveteen but there is hairless that run in billy line so am hoping to add it to tattoies offsprings line. Billy is the father to Radar the one male that also cares the same genes that I want in the line. We are hopeing here for some nice siamese/himmie hairless and rex.
  • DLCR Meat Loaf's Bat Outta Hell - Siamese dumbo male - DLCR Princess Laya - Black English Irish DR/moch hairless/PWH standard and CMR Elvira DLCR - Black English dumbo female, Hoping to get some nice siamese colores and some siamese DR/MH/PWH and have them be dumso which I love. the rats will be med to large and very layed back and Squishy. On bats side there is bluepoint siamses and siamses, and on females side there is blacks as in EI and Berks. There are some other colors and marksing but mostly black on both sides. Are hopeing for some nice Squishy siamese Dumbos. and some PWH/DR/MH ones.
  • KPS River of Deliverence - Russin Blue English Irish Standard - RR Xena DLCR - Blue Point Siamese standard, RR Gabreiella DLCR - Beige berkshire wedge blaze TCK Mystic DLCR - (pew). River and Mystice are beign pared for not colore but temper and well as Gaberiella, with them there will be small to med rats with mystic small med and large since she is a large female and he is a small male. We hope to get at lest one blue that comes in the litters with white but we also know blue is recesive but Gabby is also the sisiter of Xena which carries blue points. Xena and river are to help inhance the blue points and have some small to med sized well temperd squishy rats.
  • DLCR La-Lunna's Moon Storm's Refective Moon - Blue Verigated standard male - KPS Saphire Russin blue Standard female. In hope to get some blues that are russin and verigated as in russin verigated or just blue. We are hoping for some more blues and a dumbo or 2 to show up. On Moons Dads side thre are Blue Agouti, Patched/verigated Siamese and silvering along with some ocasinal agoutis, some being dumbos. His mom is black verigated but his Grandpa was BP Siamese dumbo, his grandmother was simses dumbo and aunt was SE siamese So there is hoping for some nice BP siamese to show. As were saphires side there are mostly blues and ocashinal blacks and blue agoutis with some agoutis that pop up. So this is in hopes to get some Blues with or with out silvering or blue veriations as in the line of blue as in shades of the diffrent blues and hope some BP siamses pop up that are squishy sweetys like them.
  • CMR Christain DLCR- Himmie Double Rex male - CMR Zoey DLCR - Siamese dumbo female, Christain and Zoey are related Zoey is Christains aunt so this is a line breed. Here mom was a velveteen and his dad and mom were rexes that were brough together for a line breed as they were brother and sister. I want to keep the line as siamese himmies going and the rex as Zoey is large dwarf and there was 2 dwarfs in his syiblings litter and zoey is one. I wanted to breed but not cousints but a little farther so as not to get to inbreed and start a more distent line breed then take from there and do some out breeding. this is to keep the line as it is and to also produce some squoishy dumbo and standard rex/double rex/simamese and himmies.
  • CMR Shawn DLCR - Himmie Rex male dumbo (brother to christain) - CMR Curly Sue - Himmie Rex female dumbo, Same as the breeding with his brother christan and zoey. Curly is Shawns aunt and I want to keep it all in the line then so some outbreeding. Shawn is small and Curly is dwarf, But this is hopes to get more himmie and rexs that are dumbo and hoping for some dwarfs. They are not true dwarf but what is called large dwarfs, as in they are to big to be considered dwarf but to small to be even considered small. although hoping one turns up true dwarf.
  • DLCR Spud JR - Agouti Verigated with white wedge face standard - DLCR McKenzie - Agouti Pussom Dumbo as a line breed for they are brother and sister and want to tie the line in hopes of a dalmation pop up as there was one up it was lost do to the back room over heating and to make some more pretty patched babies and hoping to get some dumbo that are Squoishy. Also this is incase the rebreed to his mother dose not take again.
  • We plan on rebreeding some that did not take. They are as follows not shure the date but soon. there is gonna be a lot breed that I need to get breed but we are only looking at a few that might becuase some may not be ment to be mommys as in his what I call early menapause, or cant carry.
  • DLCR Luke Skywalker with  AQ Reba - Beige rex bear back to hopes to get some nice beige rexs and some. DR?MH?PWH like Luke. this will be the 3rd time if nothing then she will be retied.
  • DLCR Gambit JR - Black Verigated capped male standard with his mom TCK Rogue DLCR - Black Berkshire in hopes that the resx that was on gambits jrs dad side may come out btu to breed the line back becuase there was some nice blacks, beiges, and a few caped and bear backs that came out. and only 2 pews. So this is a line breed to breed back and hoping that maybe there will be a rex that pops up. This will be her 2nd time hoping thats the charm.
  • DLCR Spud JR. to LF Fantasha DLCR - siamese standard a line breed to his mom, to tie the line back. She even though bred the 1st time to a verigated agouti produced some nice siamese still poor but has some nice point but this is alos to help bring out the other colors that are in the line as she is a poor siamese and faded to white to quicly hoping for maybe a nice siamese or 2 but to mostly tie the line back and bring out some colors and get some dumbos that are squoishy rats like them.
  • RR Bill Compton DLCR Russin Blue Silvered Dumbo - RR Glammer DLCR - Blue masked dumbo, She was breed to Tomb Stone but she lost the litter and the 1 pup she had was huge but she had no trouble with the delivery so we are thinking it may have been to big a male since she tetters on large dwarf to small. So we tryed bill 1 time and are going to do it again. This is in hopes to get some blues that are patched and dumbo and have them small to med that are sweet squoishys.


  STORM  HAD BABIES> 4/14/2010 the day  before we had to go down to my parents to help them out at their bait shop for open weekend on the 15th she gave birth. But the same day their was a death. She has 15 only 13 survived but that is not the death I am talking about. My parents called me up becuase one of the old cockers Whyler my dog when I was at my parents that was left there were  he was most comfy and grew up had been sick for a while and getting worse and he'd quiite eatting and drinking a few days before that and slowly going down hill. Knowing it would just get worse and being busy openign weekend it would not be far to  him or us to make him wiat and we all knew that it was his time. Mom and Dad could not take him over to coudersport to Dr. Shienkind  becuase even though they knew it had to be done they could not face watching some one put them down and i have seen it done 2 times and its hard even though you know it has to be done its still hard to know its coming and that some one it doing it compared to them slowly going becuase its fast quick and painless for them but still its hard. But that eveaning around 6 strom started and  delivered a wonderfull helthy fat litter of 15 2 were small yet fat but very very small. they didnt make it  threw the night. But it goes to prove that with death thier is life. Eleanor and glammer stayed in with strom to help her raise them. Eleanor becuase she is experenced and Glamer becuae she lost her 1 she had and I decited to let her help storm so she felt that she had some babies.  

Past Litters

This is were you will find all the info and pictures on the past litters we have had. Pluse new homes they have went to and updated pictures when they may have a litter or if they are just part of the family. They go in order to when we had litters as in 1st to last.

1st Litter- Garth Brooks and Baton Rouge Litter

Baton and Garths Babys From brith to now. One we called Shina turned out to be a boy. His little male hoods didnt drop till he was older. Thankfully he didn't breed with any one he was about 5 weeks old and when they are in the 4 week Pd is when the boys are to be seperated from mom.

Parents Baton and Garht and the babys after brith Febuary 14th the day of love.












3 weeks old and Reba and Shina which Reba turned out to be a male when to The Critter Keepers. Plus the 2 we kept. Tattoie my Double Rex Female and Below my Blue Hooded or Bear Back male Taj. Reba who turned out to be a male renaemd spud and Shina renamed oreo came back to live with me due to the critter keepers moved and are now a part of my line and will be breed. they had moved and she decited to move with her sister and go to college or try to and move to were there was better jos, but her other half stayed here so they would have a plave when she retured but downsized becuase the place they moved was smaller and so one person was not being overwelmed.

2nd Litter-  La Lunna's and Meat Loaf's Litter.


5/23/2009 The New Babys are here. They are Dumbos. Meat Loaf who was origenly Cheyennes mate was mated to a Simes Dumbo Lunna. Cheyenne we have come to the conclusion can not have babys but makes a wonderful serigent mother and is helping to raise Lunna's litter. Pic is of them at 3 days old. They were born Teusday 19 at 1:30 2:00 in the afternoon. It makes them 5 days old of this date.

<<< 1st pic, This is the babys at 3 days old and 2nd is 5 days old and showing dark color spotings.Below is the parents Meat Loaf The father (Loafy for short) and La-Lunna the Mother.(Lunna for short).



This is an Updated picture of all 15 that are still doing good Thanks to Cheyenne our older Dumbo for helping Lunna as a serigent mother. Picture 1 is of the babys at 7 days old. 2nd picture is Lunna feeding and 3rd pic is of Cheyenne serigent mother. Loafy fisrt mate but come to find out she is not old old but not as fertile as she should be.




Lunna and Loafys 15 babys. 2nd pic  is Lunna Feeding. 3rd is Serigent Mother Cheyenne.


Below are pictures of the babys and or posible colors.


 < <<<Siamese and Himmies >>>>>>

Siamess rats are to be dark or have a cream colored coat when their fur comes in with Dark points the darker the better. They look like a siames cat basicly in color. Himmies will have white fur with dark points to light. Some Siamese can faid from a cream coat to white making them look himmie and Himmies can fade to a cream color making them look siames. theres are show faults. the darker the better for siamese the lighter the better for himmies. That is way some times in pet stores its hard to tell which is which siames whos faded or himmie who has darkend, Unless the people there know that is whys its best to get from a breeder so you know. Not all pet stores are bad, and some breed their own for pets only and can tell you which is which

The Ones on the lef the 2nd 4th and 5th ones are siames. the rest are himmies. Although the points are poor and the coat should be more cream they are a poor siames. The 1st and 3rd one are himmies the coat is more white with points starting were as the siamese caot is light as well it had more of a dull white cast to it, Poor simames and himmies can be hard to tell this is why I am working with the line to bring the himmie and siamese points for show back out, But you have to works with health and temper 1st and then the coat. so their is a lot that needs to be done here to imporve the points but the babies are healthy and strong and can be worked with The 2nd one in the left pic is called a patch siames meanign that he has patch marking and is not desired on show, when older it only shows points on the nose and butt. but in cold mouth it can be seen slightly they go by tempeture as on colder darker points warmer lighter points. Some breeders breed in the winter time or keep the room set to a cooler temp to help when the babies develop to choise the best ones to keep to breed as in the best point. Although this patched one he can be worked with to have the patched fade and be brougth to a nice rich siames coat color. Also they should have no white on the feet these ones do. They should have points on nose ears, feed and tail basic going up but not past the back more so faded going up the rump. Start out dark fade going up coat and then blend it. The ones in the right pick the 1st is a himmie which is very difficult to tell from his 2 albino siblings. When he got older you could tell but its hard untill their 1st molt at 8 weeks old to tell the true coat and how it will apear sometimes.

 Black and white Varigated wiht head spots. .2nd picture Black Berkshires.






 Storm F- Kept Adopted- soler Eclips and Two outta 3 F- and Eclips- Kept M Midnigh F- Kept Adopted Dark F Black Hawk M





on 6/16/2009 early in the morning fantash gave birth to 14 little babys. The Critter Keepers Rat Spud is the Father. He is the brother to Taj and Tattoie. Pic of them at 2 weeks old




Pic of them  starting to open their eyes. Below is Tattioe my Mock Hairless/Double Rex. With Fantasha babies sleeping.


Fantasha and Spud Proud Parents



Rogue and Gambits Babys

 There are 4 Berkshires, 3 English Irish, Cocolate or black as in not real black more like Dark chocolate. still in the lineof Blakc only off black, 2 Albinos, 1 caped verigated white head spot, 1 caped white spot on head, 1 bear back Agouti hood, 5 Baige Berkshires. Below are the proud Parents Rogue a Choclate Berkshire and Gambit a Caped white spot on forhead Varigated black.


Gambit and Rogue

Tattoies and Yoda's Litter.

 On November 3rd 8 pm 2009 Tattoie had 11 babies but only 4 made it. She is still considered in the hairless line and they can have problems producing milk, Her mom and Auntie Cheyenne no relation was with her and went into seregent mother hood and produced milk as well but it must have not been enough by the time I got fomula for them to help out there was only 4 left. So this time for her 2nd breeding and for anyothers that need some help am prepared but I also breed a nother femaale or 2 incase I need to give them some of the pups to raise. 

Here are pictures of the ones she had leading up to the 4 that are here now.