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The Rat Pack at Diamond's Little Critters Ranch

Pet Rats

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This Forum is to fill out to be a part of The Rat Pack at Diamond's Little Critters Ranch. With your name weather nickname or user name and your website or even e-mail. Basicly info on you so we all here and others who join can get to know you. And a way to contact you if we want to ask you a question(s) even add links to your site(s) and remember dont forget to brag about your Pet Rat(s).


Also I have a Yahoo group called Diamond's little Critters found under Pets or rodents Just typ in the name and join today. It's for all animals big or small but focuses on manly thouse who love rodents like mice, rats, hamsters, and more. But all other critters are welcome to. So come join and have a howling, meowing, sweeking, cherping, naying, bleeting, mooing, snorting, scratching, Squeeling, swacking and more of a good time.



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Introduce your self

This is for all new members to say hi and introduce your self. Give your name or user name/nickname and if you have a website put down the link and we can all check it out. Exspecially if you have a Pet Rat(s). Basicly decribe your self a little bit and t
over a year ago
by theratpack

General Discussion

This is for anything. Questions, bragging and more. Tell us all about your rat(s) or send pictures and links to them or if you have a website. Tell us about you more if you want. For any personal questions and to contact me directly you can e-mail me at i