The Rat Pack at Diamond's Little Critters Ranch

Pet Rats

                                                                                                       Wellcome to The ADOPTION page

 Welcome to the ADOPTION page here you will find your new rat to become part of your family. Also there are a few ok alot but not much of some things to go over before we get to it all. Here is a brief re cape. I breed rats for PET and SHOW only. weather you ever show them or I show dose not matter They are to become a new member of the family NOT FOR FOOD. I am just starting to get a line or history started on them. I specialize or dable in all types of rats. I focus on the Siamese, Himalayan and Hairless Plus some others like variegated, berks, and hoping to get some more possums and dalmatians. Starting on hoods and caps.  Soon will be Rex, Double Rex, hoping for some velveteen. Also in some of my Siamese/himmie lines I have one who Carries himmie/Siamese/hairless/poly/ and hoping his sisters brother and sons Carrie it as his one on is velveteen the other Rex and double Rex. Dwarf has showed up as well. Although for hairless they can be hard to breed because hairless females can have trouble producing milk. Dwarfs we have and are working with. Some are considered large dwarfs. This is a working line. more on the breeding page of what we work with and the lines. 
All rats that are taken I would like to see go in same sex pares unless you have another rats SAME SEX or other wise specified differently. I also work on show coats,  off coats like patched work an non show so you can have a pretty pet but healthy and nice tempered. I concentrate on temper, health, conformation, and then color and coat.them go in same sex pares unless you have other rats. You'll have to sign a contract that states the rats you get from me are for PET/SHOW only. The contract simply states that you use it for a pet/ show and that if you can no longer take care of it then it comes back to me. If you can find it another pet friendly home then that is fine but all info has to go with it and I must be able to contact them. Also I will need something stating that you can have rats if you rent. Don't need them going from place to place were they are not allowed All my rats come with a DOB info and parent info in the start of a line. care sheet if needed. little baggy or sample of my food mix. Some rats are more because they may be special needs, Have been returned to me after so long or like the Rex, hairless and double Rex, very rarely do you see them as feeders or pets in pet stores. If they are, there is something wrong with them or they were formally a pet. You may find Hairless there but seldom do I see any other coats like rex, DR or velveteen or even manx at Pet Stores. Again for around here that is Rare and we are in EMPORIUM PA. Remember these are not just pets, They are new best friends, companions, and family members. They will love you as much as you love them, because you cant hurry love you just have to wait love don't come easy, its a game of give or take, AND with Rats they love easily  and when you care and love them they will amaze you everyday of their life and yours.

ADOPTION Price List  

This list blow is for the ADOPTION FEES. Each rat is adopted out in 2's same sex cage mates, unless you have other rats same sex, and want just one and or were specified to you differently. The adoption fee goes back to the rats care of food, bedding and vet. IF you want a breeding pare for food GO SOME WERE ELSE. Breeding pare to start your own line we'll talk privately for that and I will be monitoring you to make sure there not being bred for food. As in you will have to live close and I will make visits and inspections notified and unnotified. If you don't like that then don't ask for breeding pares. I will Adopt out to other Ratteries but same applies for new breeders I will be watching closely and make sure all is OK.  There will be a contract for the PET rats you get same as breeder get one. I ask for pictures and updates at lest once a month no longer then 3 months. Breaking anything on the contract will void it and I will not deal with you. I will at any time take back any rats you don't want that you have gotten from me or if you are breeding them under PET CONTRACT ONLY or I feel they are not being cared for or kept right. I will only permit the rats you get from me to have 1 to 2 litters under breeding contract 3 is the limit weather its stated in my contract or not that I will take them back if they are not wanted or breaking PET contract by breeding them dose not matter the contact has my website on it with all the rules and regulations for getting breeding rats or other rodents from me. For what ever reason I will take back males and females that have come from my rattery if I feel they are not being cared for. meaning to much breeding, and or you are dealing with anyone eals who raises both food and or  pets, If you inform me you are selling a rat you bred under breeding contract with me to another breeder they must inform me of their intentions and sign my contract as well. Also given my info so they know were the rat came from or its history started. If I say no to the sale to another breeder for any reason and they are sold you will be in violation, and the rat will be returned. You will have to pay me not only what it was adopted out for to the other person, but you will repay me also the adoption fee back for that rat(s) you got off of me as well.

 I am not trying to be a Witch or mean but I have worked hard on bettering the pet rat as we know it and don't want it going for food or in the wrong hands. I am like any other reputable breeder I care for the welfare of the animal(s) and want the best for them and see them get the best and treated right. I also want to know what happens to them and if they are breeders or pets be updated on them to make sure if there is any health problems I can keep track of the lines they came from. Also if adopted from me and another breeder wants an offsrping fine that is ok but they have to at lest contact me or for me to be able to contact them.

  • $10.00 2 same sex pare for any and all colors inless other wise specified.
  • $6.00 for a singel which we perfur 2 same sex pare but for more less a lonly ratty of the same sex  or a breeder.
  • $12.00 for 2 same sex pare if they are Rex, Velveteen, Double Rex, Hairless, or the colors are Siamese/himmie in blue points and other points
  • $7.00 for a singel in the 12 2 same sex department unless otherwise specified.
  • If any are returened an adopted back out they are the same price. unless they are special needs.
  • If you want more then 2 same sex rats their is a only a $5.00 extra adoption for each rat extra.
  • If you get males and female they are to be pet only and not to breed this is why we perfur you get same sex pares and if you have some at home get the same sex as you already have, just to prevent even boo boo litters. 

 Well Lets meet your new Family Members Shall we.

    Wellcome and lets meet your new family members. I will post later the others in the litter that were ketp as well so you can also see their siblings and you are permited to copy the pics of thier siblings and the parents with permision 1st to use for your own personal us as in a scarp book of the family history of your rats or post pics of them and their family on your site but please ask for writen permition.  To see the parents info look on their page will also include thier line, and can be seen on the NEW ARIVELS page on the breeding page. also on this page is also other pets that are up for adoption as well.

DCR La-Lunna's Moon Strom (strom) and RR Tomb Stone DLCR (tomb) had a litter on 4/14/10. below is pics of them with extra info. You can also come and check them out and pick out your new family memeber and meet the parnets as well.

Storm- Dumbo Black Vrigated.                             Tomb Stone- Silvered Blue Agouti




DLCR La-Lunna's Moon Strom's Star Angel (Angel) Patched or verigated siamese Female $7.00 RECERVED for (PRIVET)

Angel for short is just that a darling angel. Outgoing and inquizitive like her dad but mellow like her mom. She kind is shy till she gets use to something new but after that she is a cool relaxed rat. She likes to hang n your shoulder and be out to see what is going on. Another camera diva though. She is very interested in what is going on around her and what you are doing. She was born with patches on her that are called patched or marked but can be considered verigated. She was slightly darker like beamer with the darker spoting but turned white with the spots then eventually they faded leaving the points. She has faint spoting on her back that shows up in the right light but it noral shows in the colder months because simases an himmie point are sensitive to temp change the warmer the lighter they are the colder the darker the points.

BR Ashley and RR Bill Comptin's DLCR Litter Born 8/12/10. Pictures of the parets and then ther Pups for adoptio below them.


Ashley- Russin Blue Hood                             Bill Comption- Silvered Russin Blue Berkshire Dumbo

There Pups For Adoption All are Russin Blue Berksires, Some may become silvered like their father.

DLCR Bill Compton's Hoyt Fortenberry of True Blood (Hoyt) Male $7.00

Hoyt is a little sy but loves to cuddle up to you on your shoulder or in a pocket. He is a mellow little fellow and loves to give kisses he also is pretty good at pedicures. He is just like his chariter that he was named after. Layed back and sweet a litte cuttie pie as well. He is very inquizitive about what you are doin as well.

DLR Bill Compton's Lafayette Reynolds of True Blood (lafayette) Male $7.00

Just like his chariter Lafayette is a profiling little ratty who loves pictures and loves attenchin. He is a sweet rat and he knows it. Spoiled please he just knows he's all that and more to him he is a Prince and he loves to show off . He is affechinit an grooms you and gives kisses all the time. Lafayette is deffenitly not shy of the camera and he loves to work it for you when its picture time. If you want  sweet heart who All that and more or so he thinks take his lttle stud muffin home to cuddle and profile with.

DLCR Bill Comptos's Franklin Mott of True Blood (frank) Male $7.00

frank is a inquizitive little bugger and he knows it. He gives kisses and grooms and just loves to be out and around you. Like his Chariter he as name after he is quite the charmer and sensitively affectionit. But he is a sweet heart and not a crazy stalker. He is so interestided in what you are doing he makes you laugh and smile becuase he is so inquizitive by what you are doing and what is going on around you.

DLCR Bill Compto's Alcide Haveaux of True Blood (Al) Male $7.00

What a little ham Al is. He is so cute and layed back. He loves attenchen and to groom. He is a little ham for the camera and gives his best little cute ratty poses that he can. He is a mellow ratty and loves to play. He will sit on your shoulder or in your pockect come out for a quike look or want out to site on your shoulder. He is so polite at taking food as in treats. He is truly a gentemen rat as far as rats go.

DLCR Bill Compton's Arlene Fowler of True Blood Female $7.00

Arlene is an outgoing ratty. She is always on the go. Playful and full of energy and she loves to give kisses. Like her chariter she is a not a red head but she acts like it. As infisty and outgoing that is why she loves to get out and play. She can be mellow and chille out but she is inquizitive like her mom.  She is ushally the fist one to the door to greet you and play.

DLCR Bill Compton's Jessica Hamby of True Blood (jessica) Female $7.00

Jessica is a sweet little ratty, Shy and back wards but mellow. She is playfull and love to get out and is alway on the go. She is a cuoriouse ratty and is interested in what you are doing and whats going on around her. She is a sweet little ratty and plays so nice. She dont seem to mind pictures and is not to much of a diva and a have have it her way ratty. She is a simple country ratty that just loves to get lovens and play.

DLCR Bill Compton's Pam of True Blood (pam) Female $7.00

Pam what can I say but she is her own self. She is a diva and she thinks she is the Queen. She is so nice and lovign though. Loves to be out and play and just be with you. She loves to exsplore and check out things. She is a rat who knows what she wants and gets what she wants lol. She is spoilded and loves it. She is not a brat though she gets what she wants by being so cute and loving.

DLCR Bill Compton's Amy Burley of True Blood Female $7.00

Amy is sweet heart, She is so affetionet and cuddly. She is outgoing like her mom and females are but it a little more layed back. Like her sister Jessica a little shy and backwards but so sweet. She likes the camera an is so mellow at times. She gives kisses and grooms your nails that it almost tickels how gental she is.


Pictures of parents and relitives will be posted soon.



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