The Rat Pack at Diamond's Little Critters Ranch

Pet Rats

So you want to know about me

Well I'm a lover of all animlas, reptiels and anfibions. Not so much bugs though. Although I do like crikets adn think they are cute. I am Gothic, yet Country, Basicly it's Abby from NCIS meets, Sex in the City, meets Larry the cable guy. Basicly I have my own weird Unique Styl. My faoncies is country and punk and then the ocasinal regualr, and dress is rarly. LOL. We decited to raise small critters becuase we dont live in a big place and we live on a low buget income. But we have 2 vets that alow payments if we need to take our pets to the vet. One is more Horse, dog, cats and other farm animlasknoleged and the other is also the same but it more exsotic pets knowleged. I have so many intressed in like 20 million diffrent things. The same with music and diffrent typs of music books.and TV. I do art work weather drawing, sketching, painting, scrapbooking, and more. I love to landscape and do gardinds and outdoors stuff like fishing and horse back riding. I have helped my parents do wooks work and remodoling. So stuff I picked up and am good at but other stuff I jsut never picked up and am not into. Here are few pic's of my styl and some intress I have.

My sex in the City Look


 Me and my gansta maffia camo look


My landscaping love. Just a pic nothing i have done


A Sex in the City Look Mixed with a littel oriental catch. With the Love of Dragons pic.








My llove for horses pic.


Me in my Working regualr Larry the cable guy redneck boon dock look.






My work yet relaxed stly about the same. As you can tell I like the late Great Steve Irwin becuase of the figer in the background. He was one of my many of hero's.

Me and My country girl/Cowgirl look with Grady.








 I am  a religiouse person and when I seen this cool dragon on a cross I figered this describes me. As in I guarde and oner my religion Lieka Dragon who gaurds his cave.

this is just me in my regualr gothc punk comffy styl.


Me in my hip yet punk look stly. And my gothic Vampire look for holloween.






Me just regualr relaxed Gothic



Some gothic Chick Art work.






My love for roses.



Me in another Goth styl.

Animal Intressed or my favorits

 Who would not Love a big Black cat. This is a Black Leapard. Or a Big tiger. this is a bengel tiger.





 How about a Liger? Half Lion Half tiger. Oh their real alright. And have a gene deffect called Giagantizem. Which means really Big.


 Or how about a White Lion? Female Lioness.

What about a cheetah One with a royal coat?

How about a littel Fanticy thrown in? From The Move legened One of my Favorit Movies.

I do like more animlas then just these. I will get a couple more pictures up later.

 Musice and Movies

Zoro. Meat Loaf and some movies he's been in like Black Dog he played Red.


Bruse willias is my man also the Leathol Weapon Movies sorry no pictures.Also Rocky Movies and Steven Segel Movies.


I Like all his movies and his acting.










There are more like Pink, 3 days grace, 3, doors, down, simple plan, Garth Brooks, johnny cash, and more for the music, I like Moulin rouge, 10,000 BC, TV sitcomes, Like House, NCIS, family guy, Robot Chicken, Gilmore Girls, and much more this is just an exsample. If you really want to know me go to my site and check it out. You can find it on my Links page.


I have been doing Rats and Mice for about a year now and plain on doing this for a long time. But Dont breed jsut to breed, breed to improve the breed and that means health, and color, but not just ot see what you get and becuase you love baby critters. Also make shure you can take on the babys you cna not find good homes for and be prepared for the chance that the people who take your pets returning them inf they find they can't care for them and or they have to move and can't take them or anyother problems. When I was 14 I had a Rat named Sandy becuase she was the color of very light sand. almost white but not quite. She lived ofr about a year untill she got a lump on her and it was found to be cancer. With in the time of finding out and the lump it grew rappidly and with in a few short weeks she had passed on to Rat heaven. But it the year I had her she tought me about rats.

 I live in Pennsylvania in a little Town Called Emporium. I origenly lived in Sinnimahoning were my parents, Grnadmother, and anut and cousint live. it's about a half hour away from were I live. But the mountions and seniory here are very beautiful and the woods are great. They were my play ground growing up. So were my Animals.

Growing up Not that I didn't have many frineds but not alot that came ot visit or hang out. So the Woods was my Play ground and the Animals were my friends and family. They became my life and still are. I learned to listen to them and connet with them on a spritiral leavel that the Indians talked about. And since on my moms side of the Family there is indian as in my mom is 3rd generation I say the connetion is natural. Mostly Dogs becusae my Indian Spririt it the Wolf and the dog. The other ones are spririt friends the horse and the deer. But the Wolf pack you could say runs strong in my moms side of the family.

Working Buddys, and Gril Friends.










Cat naps

Swimming Buddys. My sweety in the background.

Animal Edgucation. Emporium Fair Grounds 2008.



Best Freinds Growing Up.